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DeVry University: Continuous Improvement

GM 591: Leadership & Organizational Behavior
Professor Greer


DeVry University is one of the largest private, for profit, universities. They offer an extensive variety of Associates, Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Students have the option of studying in business, technology, healthcare, criminal justice, communications and several other areas. The University received its name from the founder, Herman DeVry. We have been established for over 80 years now, first opening the doors in 1931. In the beginning DeVry actually spearheaded vocational training by sending manuals to soldiers that were away at war. From their humble beginnings, DeVry has evolved into a full fledged University across the United States with over 90 locations. There are a couple different options for DeVry students when choosing between a campus or center. Several larger campuses across the country, located in a few of the largest metros, include dorms, extensive labs, libraries, and a cafeteria. The smaller centers offer several of the same amenities of the larger campuses but in a more condensed area. The centers have plenty of classrooms, labs, and computers for all the students, but because of the lack of square footage, more often than not you won't find a library or dorms at a center. After our last graduation we have surpassed 250,000 alumni and over 10,000 employees; we are looking to add a lot more in the upcoming years. Recently the private sector of education has been under heavy scrutiny. Despite this, DeVry has remained one of the positive examples on how to do things well and how to do them right. With such high amounts of pressure coming from the Department of Education, the public, and from students, the demand on employees has never been higher. Without a doubt the pressure is intense on the...

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