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Gm 591 Research Paper

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Research Paper: NAB Customer Service Employee Turnover
GM591ON_M Leadership and Organizational Behavior

This paper will focus on the Customer Service department at North American Bancard. An overview of the company including the author's role will be explicated. Essential issues, events, and actions to help frame the problem will be identified. The problem statement will be well defined and specific enough for each reader to gain a clear idea of the Organizational Behavior topic and the direction of the research. Each reader will be given an encapsulated review of what information the author found most relevant to the research. The problem will be explored, providing an identification and description of the root causes. Solutions to the problem will be provided, supported and defended, to logically flow with the analysis of the problem. The author will reflect upon the research conducted, to show how the author's personal, academic, and professional development was influenced.

Introduction: Company Overview The organization that my research will be based on for my final project is North American Bancard. North American Bancard was founded in 1992. It started with one employee in a shared office. As of today, North American Bancard has over 600 employees in a 100,000 sq. ft corporate office. The company provides merchants with the ability to accept credits cards, debit cards, EBT cards, fleet cards, and gift and loyalty cards from their customers as a form of payment. North American Bancard’s growth into an industry leader in credit card processing is the outcome of a steadfast commitment to helping the American entrepreneur succeed. North American Bancard assist merchants with their processing needs. North American Bancard has the ability to supply merchants with…...

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