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Gm Crops Are They the Anwers

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What is a GM crop? According to WHO Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally. But with this gift comes with a great burden. In this essay I will be discussing the pros and cons of GM crops, like is this going to revolutionize agriculture, increase yields and profit for farmers or is it going to bring a great amount of trouble like the evolution of super weeds and super bugs. Is this a giant leap for the future or is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The first commercial GM crop was Flavr Savr tomato created in California. Flavr Savr was engineered to slow the ripening process of the tomato and prevent it from softening, while still allowing the tomato to maintain red and juicy for longer. However the process of transferring genes for one organism to another is a time consuming processes as you have no control to where the gene will attach or even if the proportion of DNA it lands is the part you want. This combing all these factors together we can see that genetic engineering is a very expensive procedure. But even with all this complication we can still invest our money in to it as we can see the countless benefits GM crops have. Let us start with a simple advantage of GM crops it is the reduction of chemicals released into the environment. It is argued that, by modifying crops to resist certain pests or diseases, farmers can reduce or even eliminate the need to spray crops with pesticides. However, scientists are concerned that planting fields with such crops might lead to the evolution of "super-bugs" which are resistant to the pesticides added to the crop. This could lead to the need for new and potentially more lethal pesticides to control these new pests. Also many of the GM crops that have been developed are herbicide tolerant crops. This means that...

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