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General Motors (GM) is one of the world's largest automakers of its kind. The company was founded back in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan. The auto industry was devastated by a weakened US and global economy in 2007. The slowing economy landed GM in substantial financial trouble. Luckily, the US government devised a bailout plan, which allowed GM to continue operating business by avoiding bankruptcy. This financial bailout prompted for a new company structure, and new company leadership as well. The GM Company is massive, with its establishment in 34 countries and employees numbering about 244,500 from all around the world, including sales and services in about 140 countries. According to the statistics in 2008, GM has ranked as the largest automaker in the U.S and the second largest in the world. The General motor Group owns a series of world class car manufacturers which makes GM group indisputably the world’s biggest automobile entity. GM employs over 200,000 people in multiple regions of the world and does business in over 140 countries. (General Motors, 2010) The new proposed mission statement will be as follows: GM will become an industry leader, not a follower.
Although GM's market share in the US has dropped it is still very much competitive at 26 percent. GM has a competitive advantage because it possesses and maintains a large global presence. They also have an increasing relationship within the Chinese market. Even with GM's recent decline, they still have the market share and the experience to overcome any obstacles they may encounter. They have been a worldwide company for nearly a century now and have established themselves as the global leader. General Motors truly has an international presence with factories in Poland, Russia, South Africa Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and…...