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Donna Shirley
Middle School Principal
Johnston Elementary School
Woodstock, GA 55555

June 12, 2011

Robert and Deborah Roebuck
1594 Hendon Road
Woodstock, GA 55555

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Roebuck, (Colon)
I appreciate your concern for your daughter, Hillary, pertaining to her school performance and recent behaviors. I’d like to arrange an informal meeting with you and your husband, including Hillary's teacher. Once our meeting is over, we could bring Hillary in to let her know the findings of our meeting.
In our meeting, I would like to review and discuss some of the concerns I have based from (on) your letter. It seems that Hillary has many responsibilities at home and combined with her schoolwork it might be too much for her to handle. In addition, it would be beneficial to discuss Hillary's behavior in class, her rapport with her teachers and her rapport with her classmates.
From your letter, it seems that teaching as a career follows your family background. I would like to see if you have any suggestions or experiences that, you might have so that we could incorporate those ideas with Hillary. I am open to suggestions from you; (comma) I want to see Hillary succeed as a student at Johnston Elementary and her future as a student. (unclear)
As for the warning that Hillary received about detention, we have an Uncompleted Homework guideline that both the students and teachers need to follow. When the student reaches three missed assignments, a warning is issued to the student and parents. If the situation is not resolved, our teachers send letters to parents stating that your (their) child has missed five assignments or more and detention is warranted. From looking at her grades, Hillary has been an A “A” student this year, but her reaction to the detention warning could be a sign that she is feeling a lot of pressure to complete not only...

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