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1. State the administrative agency which controls the regulation. Explain why this agency and your proposed regulation interests you (briefly). Will this proposed regulation affect you or the business in which you are working? If so, how? Submit a copy of the proposed regulation along with your responses to these five questions. The proposed regulation can be submitted as either a separate Word document (.doc) or Adobe file (.pdf). This means you will submit two attachments to the Week 2 Dropbox: (1) a Word doc with the questions and your answers and (2) a copy of the proposed regulation you used for this assignment. (10 points)
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) regulated interstate surface transportation between 1887 and 1995. This interests me because of the changes of transportation. Yes, it does affect me because they are doing price controls and entry controls on the collective vendor’s price setting in the United States transportation.
2. Describe the proposal/change. (10 points)
It is regulated through varies transportation modes starting with the railroad industry and later the trucking and airline industry.
3. Write the public comment which you would submit to this proposal. If the proposed regulation deadline has already passed, write the comment you would have submitted. Explain briefly what you wish to accomplish with your comment. (10 points)
Deregulation—freeing up the trucking market to permit much more flexible pricing and service arrangements, disciplined by competition—allowed manufacturers to reduce inventories, move their products more quickly, and be more responsive to customers. Consumers indirectly benefited from the more efficient, lower-cost transport of goods.

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