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Gm591 Case Study - Forgotten Team Member

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GM591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Through utilizing the information from the case study of “The Forgotten Group Member,” and the explanation of the stages of team development in the course textbook, Organizational Behavior, (2010, p. 166) of forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning, the majority of the group members are in the norming stage, but never resolved issues that started in the storming stage. Therefore, collectively, they are still in the storming stage. The group is in a state of conflict because Mike is non-committal with meeting, does not hand in quality work, and is acting jealous of the relationships the team has formed while in his absence. Mike’s role in the group was not clearly defined. Christine is the team coordinator, Steve is assigned to creating an agenda each meeting, Diane is resourceful, and Janet is reliable in doing more than what is expected for the group. All of these roles have been informally defined, and Mike’s role and expectations were not defined well enough for him to see his value to the group. In the forming stage of team development, team members are concerned more with seeing where they fit in, and what their role is on the team. Since the rest of the group has been meeting, they have formed a relationship and a clique without Mike. When other group members see they are not being included, this can create emotion and conflict, which is characteristic of the storming stage. Later in the case, we learn that Christine feels that she needs his input because he “has creative ideas.” If she had knowledge of the developmental stages of a team, she would have encouraged Mike, and his creativity, which would have defined his role on the team in the forming stage. Christine did not effectively communicate roles and motivate team members to avoid obstacles, like Mike’s, and his actions and feeling...

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