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Gm591: Course Project

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Employee Engagement at Ultra Foods in Forest Park, IL.
Course Project
Prepared by: Omar Elane Keller Graduate School of Management
Professor: Donna Darr

Table of Contents
Problem Statement………………………………………………………….4
Literature Review……………………………………………………………5
Proposed Solutions……………………………………….………………..11

Introduction The retail industry is pretty stabilized in today’s economy. The ability to have a competitive advantage is the key to survival. The grocery business has a history low job satisfaction and high performance which are costly to the organizations bottom line. This paper will document the issues that are affecting the organizational culture at the Ultra Foods in Forest Park, IL. Ultra Foods is the organization that will be closely analyzed for this course project. It is a privately owned, regional, super warehouse food retailer whose company headquarters is located in Highland, Indiana. It competes in the Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores under the NAICS number 445110(IBIS). The chain of stores is subsidiaries of the parent company Central Grocers. The chain has been undergoing constant growth and expanding in the states of Illinois and Indiana. The grocery chain reached a milestone in 2011 when they reached $1 billion dollars in sales.
I recently worked at one of our many store locations as a Front End Manager. My main responsibilities included customer service management, scheduling for a staff of 45 cashiers, monitoring and controlling the cleanliness of the front end, and occasional overall store control as the Manager-on-duty (MOD). Scheduling was a value added activity used to allocate the appropriate labor hours to...

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