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In Honduras, one of the 3 largest private companies is SABMiller, and it’s also one of the largest brewing companies in the world with a wide portfolio of premium beer brands and leading local brands. It is also one of the world’s largest Coca-Cola product bottlers.
My role within the company is within the Marketing Department, in the Market Research division. In the marketing department we have a team made up brand managers, budget analysts, media planners, market research, innovation, sponsorship, public relations, events coordination, etc * In this research-based paper, I will be focusing on the company’s reward system for employees and the relationship this has with motivation. Currently, the company’s award system for the marketing department is based on each brand’s trimester performance, and the awards are given to the brand managers. The awards consist of recognition and a cash prize. * According to the Organizational Culture Inventory, SABMiller’s primary culture style is self-actualizing which indicates that the company values creativity, encourages employees to develop their skills, improve themselves and enjoy their work. The secondary culture style is Achievement, which indicates that the company encourages employees to set and accomplish goals (see figure 1.1).

Organizational Culture Inventory Circumplex

Figure 1.1


* SABMiller’s high management is not practicing good leadership skills regarding teamwork, employee recognition, acknowledgment of accomplishments, and motivation. The reward system is lacking fairness regarding who gets rewarded and the merits on which it is based. This situation is having an impact on employee motivation and performance, given the fact that team members are responsible for outcomes, yet...

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