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Gmo Food

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August 10, 2013

The environmental issue that I am choosing is Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO for short. I am actually going to take it a step further and do Genetically Modified Organisms in food. This topic seems to be getting a lot of attention in the news lately. GMO Foods are those that have been genetically altered to be pesticide and disease resistant and altered to be able to be produced quicker and in more abundance for faster sales. Many people believe that Genetically Modified Organisms in food are a good idea. We can produce mass amounts of foods that are of good quality and can stay fresh longer. Some other benefits with GMO foods are higher nutritional values in the foods that we are consuming. Another benefit is that farmers can reduce the amounts of pesiticides and herbicides that they use on their crops which is a plus for the environment. Future benefits are already in the works. They are currentally working on making carrots that have a higher antioxidant count. Banannas that have ediable vaccines in them are also in the works. Another big project being worked on is modifying strawberries with the genes from cold water sea fish to help the strawberries withstand the winter frosts. I am against using GMO in foods. There have not been enough studies on the future effects on human or animal consumption. When you alter any species genes there are bound to be some ill effects somewhere down the line. Until we know what those affects are I feel that we should not be putting them into our body. Food distributors should give consumers the right to choose what they are eating by labeling their products with a GMO sticker.

Genetically Modified Organisms by Dr. Mercola-
Threat from Genetically Modified Foods…...

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