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Altering God’s Creation – Research the history, use, and effects of man-made alterations to our food supply including but not limited to GMOs and pesticides. Include the short and long-term effects on our system from a physiological perspective. Weigh the benefits to the detriments and provide a recommendation for or against the use of man-made alterations including a Biblical perspective. Research must come from full-text, scholarly journals. In order to adequately complete the assignment expect your paper to be AT LEAST 5 pages in length [normal margins, 12pt of reasonable font, single spaced]. Your paper MUST be submitted to Edvance360 on the day it is due BEFORE the start of class that day. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, NO EXCEPTIONS!! (8 hours)

In our world today there are multiple different types of foods that have been altered to fit peoples standards or make them taste better. One of those ways is called GMO. GMO is known as generically modified organisms and it changes the way food is made within the DNA.
GM food was originated “between 1997 and 1999, gene-modified (GM) ingredients suddenly appeared in 2/3rds of all US processed foods. This food alteration was fueled by a single Supreme Court ruling. It allowed, for the first time, the patenting of life forms for commercialization. Since then thousands of applications for experimental GM organisms have been filed with the US Patent Office alone, and many more abroad. “ ( The first food that was ever grown as a GM food was a tomato and was discharged into the market in 1994.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho states that, "Genetic engineering is inherently dangerous, because it greatly expands the scope for horizontal gene transfer and recombination, precisely the processes that create new viruses and bacteria that cause disease epidemics, and trigger cancer in cells."

All of these chemicals can be very hurtful in the future because of their harsh damage to the body.

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