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PM592 Week One You Decide

TO: Kara Rose, Marketing Director and Jessie Megana, R&D Director
VisionTec, 38 Washington Street, Newburyport, MA 01950

SUBJECT: New Vision System Camera for the Pharmaceutical Market

In an effort to increase sales in the lucrative Pharmaceutical Market, Vision Tec is investigating a way to create a high-resolution camera system to inspect drug labels ensuring they contain the proper information to meet the ever evolving governmental standards. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is graphical representations of tasks which need to be completed in order complete the project. The New Vision System project will be broken down into three sub-activities (phases). Each phase will be assigned to an organizational working group and broken down in to work packages which may be decomposed further as the project proceeds.

New Vision System Project 1.0 Market Feasibility 1.1 Interview Customers 1.2 Determine market trends 1.3 Test Market 1.4 Identify Target Market 2.0 Concept Feasibility 2.1 Study System 2.3 Define User Requirements 2.4 Prepare Report

3.0 System Development 3.1 Software 3.1.1 Packaging 3.1.2 Customize Software 3.2 Hardware 3.3 Network 3.4 Prepare Report

Vision Tec Project

Vision Tec is an advanced technology company who develops high tech products for various industries. Vision Tec has been task to develop a product (camera) that will inspect drug label to ensure they contain the proper information to meet constantly evolving governmental standards. In order for this project to be realized, certain tasks must be organized and completed. After a meeting with the Marketing Director and the Research and Development Director, Vision Tec...

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