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Research Paper 1

The issue of genetically modified organisms, often referred to as GMOs, is one of

the most important arguments we can have as a society. A huge part of the argument

stems from genetically modified foods. Some people regard genetically modified wheat

and corn for their drought resistance and ability to feed millions of people in parts of the

world that desperately need food. The other side of the argument stems from unwanted

side effects caused by GMOs such as the creation of herbicide-resistant super weeds to

the loss of biodiversity and uncontrollable transfer of modified genes into the

environment (Whitman 4). The benefits vs. risks that GMO’s pose in regard to the

environment and human health are still inconclusive. Only rigorous scientific research

and time will yield conclusive results, along with possible advancements in technology

that will help address most concerns. What is clear is that we need GMO’s to be able to

feed the world’s population and that the potential risk GMO’s pose to human health and

the environment can vary tremendously. The labeling of GM food is necessary will

address the question of accountability of the impact GMO’s and large corporations have

with their “proprietary crops” to the environment and health, along with minimizing

potential risk.

The argument that corporate driven agriculture and bio technology are ill suited to

address global hunger is incredibly complex; the factors include economic barriers that

are inherent in large scale farming, displacement of the poor who rely on farming, and the

use of homogenous crops that are used in nonfood products. As complex as it seems, the

social and cultural aspects of what qualifies as culturally relevant…...

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