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Gnc Customer Loyalty

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Customer Loyalty
2013 (Promotion change)
GNC new Member Pricing Program known as the Member Price Program (allows members to access GNC's products at a reduced cost) A previous GNC loyalty program, known as Gold Card, has nearly 7 million active members who will be transferred to the new program.
For GNC, which sells commodity items such as vitamins and supplements that customers are likely to repurchase on an ongoing basis, a strong loyalty program can be a true differentiator from its competition. The brand believes its new pricing program is just that.
- In less than 2 months, GNC Holdings has added 3 million new customers to its Member Price Gold Card loyalty program that rolled out during May and June
Company accomplished its primary goals regarding the new Membership Price Gold Card customer loyalty program: * New Gold Card member acquisition * Increased flexibility to manage pricing * More transaction growth spread throughout the month * Improved price perception * Better program awareness among new customers.

Most significantly, the new Membership Gold Card program addressed the biggest customer complaint against the previous version of the program, which was the inability to use the card throughout the month. Under the new Member Price program, customers save up to 50% on every item everyday at any GNC store or on their website.

Under the old program, customers paid $15 for a one-year membership and received 20% off purchases during the first week of every month. The fee is the same fee for the new program, but discounts are now available anytime.

As the program rolls out and customers take advantage of everyday member pricing, GNC will micro-target its customers based on their buying patterns. The effort's goal is for consumers to benefit from a deeper dialogue with GNC.
GNC has high hopes that the outreach will draw…...

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