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Go Static or Go Home

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...different thinking which made them unbridgeable. When the writer went to the girl scout meeting, Jessica watched baseball matchand stay at home. Even, she was able to analyze the match although she was 9 years old as an older baseball fan. Jessica just wanted her father stayed with her and accompanied her everywhere and watching baseball matches together. But, the writer wanted Jessica to went to Girl Scout. But, in the end of the story, the writer went to first field trip to scout without Jessica, but he kept missing Jessica. When he went home, Jessica hugged and cried againts his shoulder. Then she asked her father to take her to pro basketball games and the writer promised to take her but then to leave her because he was learning to be a leader. 2. Plot : Parts Quotations Exposition • I (the writer) is a Girl Scout assisstant leader. He is Jessica’s father. Both of them are baseball fans. • Father wanted his daughter, Jessica went to Girl Scout school, but she didn’t want it. She wanted her father to accompany her everywhere, but her father was busy because of his Girl Scout activities. Rising Action • Jessica agreed to go on the first Girl Scout meeting, but after that she went directly to the car the way she does after school, after a birthday party, after a ball game, etc. She never talked with some girlfriends. • Jessica never wanted to go to Girl Scout, even when her father insisted her. And she had a therapist, Sharon. • Kay Randall, the writer’s leader......

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...development of a crude but useful terminological distinction of two sorts of characterization:  "static" and "dynamic."  A static character, in this vocabulary, is one that does not undergo important change in the course of the story, remaining essentially the same at the end as he or she was at the beginning.  A dynamic character, in contrast, is one that does undergo an important change in the course of the story.  More specifically, the changes that we are referring to as being "undergone" here are not changes in circumstances, but changes in some sense within the character in question -- changes in insight or understanding or changes in commitment, in values.  The change at stake in this distinction is a change "in" the character of the character. In the stories a soilders home by Ernest Hemmingway and A Good Man is Hard to find by Flannery O connor we see this occur. Many people worry about what happens during war but no one realizes what happens to the young people coming back from war. The young people that go to war will change them dramatically when they come back. In the short story “Soldier’s Home”, by E. Heimingway, he writes about a young man’s after war experience, returning home and into society. In another short story called “Speaking of Courage”, by Tim O’Brien, he too, explores the after effects of war and how it can impact a young person’s life. The short stories, “Soldier’s Home”, by E. Heimingway and “Speaking of Courage”, by Tim O’Brien are more......

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...DREAMBOX 500S BY STEP SETUP The first thing to do with any box is to flash it with a good image(this is the tv software ) and also the image needs to be clone safe (if your box is a clone) most new dm500s bought these days are clones. The items you need to flash your box are an image ,i suggest nabilosat darkstar 11 ,and you will need a loader called dreamup (the loader sends the image into the box) and you will need a null modem cable to connect the box to your pc and open dreamup, the first thing you set is com port(this is the port where the null modem cable is connected) some pcs have more than one port so it may have options com1 and com2 etc ,i would start at com1. ok now click on connect (info should appear in the info box ) it should say box type in this case dm500 and also box is alive and speaking ,(this is the point if com1 is the wrong com port that no info will appear in the info box so then try com2 etc )you should see connection prepared no plug in your box and you will see more info in the info box. now click on flash and you will be directed to browse your pc for the image you downloaded ,when you find the image click on it and then click either open or press enter and you will be returned to dreamup . you will be asked if you want to perform a flash erase (you say no )and your box should be flashing now ,it takes about 12 minutes for a dm500 to flash .what untill the flashing process is 100% complete then click disconnect and then disconnect and unplug......

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...its own. But what if I told you I have discovered some ways to keep my boyfriend’s hard earned money in my pocket; all by using some overlooked ingredients that you may have in your pantry? Now when it comes to cleaning your home I’m sure you have a product for everything. I know I use to, I had one for the bathroom, my kitchen, and one to clean everything in-between. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states “The average American family spent $639 on housekeeping supplies in 2009”, and that number has been steady rising. Many people believe that the fragrant products they are using to clean their homes are safe, but they can do more harm than good. Most cleaners contain bleach or ammonia; these chemicals can be so over powering and toxic that it is recommend you open windows before use. To my surprise there is a greener alternative to clean your home, and it only costs about 30 cents a bottle. All you need to make this great all-purpose cleaner is some water, vinegar, a few orange peels, and a spray bottle. It takes minutes to make and works just as well as Lysol or Mr. Clean products. This homemade solution is also non-toxic, which means if you spray yourself in the eye…it’s going to sting, but you won’t have to call poison control! My next go to money saving tip my seem a little strange but hear me out, use aluminum foil instead of dryer...

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...problem with food and over the year how it has gotten worse. In just a short period of time how obesity has increased. This problem has more than just weight problems it has health problems. He also states that over the years that the calories count that people are consuming has increase but the exercise rate has decrease. He argues that people have tried to make people aware of this problem and it works for a few years. By the statics information that Kluger has provided, Kluger correctly assumes that food this day in age is a huge problem for everybody not just children and it needs awareness. Kluger used different statics thought his essay to show in a short period of time how obesity had increased over the years. That it is a problem and people needs to know. Kluger admits that “in 1971 only 4% of 6-11 year old kids were obese” and by “2004, the figure had leaped to 18.8%.” He also stated other age groups like “in the same time frame, the number rose from 6.1% to 17.4% in the 12 to 19 age group, and from 5% to 13.9% among kids ages just 2 to 5.” This statics show that over a 33 year time the numbers double for children 19 years of age and younger. Just living in today world and thinking about all the all changes that has happened over the years to make food and drinks bigger because that is what American’s want in this “era”. Kluger acknowledges that “64 oz soda, the 1,200 calorie burger and 700 calorie frappuccino, food companies now produce enough each day for......

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...past The three revolutions: Post industrial – life and modernity, evolution of life, altered family with technology, work moved outside the home Old family had a lot of kids and worked on farms then had less kids and went to work (rural to urban) Life course revolution – advances in medicine and vaccines, family and people live longer, have less children and have more time for education and job pursuit, medicine helped people to live longer added stages in life that people never had before like old age and middle age and childhood stages Psychological revolution – family relationships used to be functional (roles) now it is about love and support, increased education increased peoples marriages Conservative views – decline, pessimists, and their values were traditional Avoid talking about women’s rights, claim that America’s problems are a result of the breakdown of family values Liberal – diversity (variation), optimists, and values were changing Claims that women’s problems are a result of job discrimination Feminist – diversity, caring for each other, women’s roles, individualism over collectivism, free child and healthcare and raise minimum wages Coontz – ahistorical not typically historical says conservatives are ahistorical Static – concepts and ideas remain the same (opposite of dynamic) Family is not static because it is always changing Stop moralizing and start mobilizing mythmaking is not a solution Idealized past vs terrible present –......

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...The idea is to lift as heavy as you can, while still being able to complete the required number of repetitions. Not only that, but the exercise I am about to develop is what I do with my soccer team. To be able to keep up an exercise plan, that has to work for you. For example, if you plan to get up 5 in the morning to work out, and you’re not a morning person, that plan will never work over the long term. Look your schedule and find times to work out that are convenient for you on a regular basis. If you have to switch your whole life around to accommodate your workout schedule, you’ll end up not working out. So look at your weekly timetable, and find a few hours that can be made convenient for you to exercise, then make sure you go. The first few weeks will be harder, but after a while, you will fall into a regular pattern and exercising will become a normal part of your schedule. The harder part is keeping your exercise routine, when something in your life changes. Something in your schedule cuts into one of your workout times, and you skip it. The next thing you know, you are back to the plan once a month at best....

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...Pre-requisites: Perform section ‘5) Installation of C++test and general setup for user’s accounts' from the document attached below (C++test_training_for_EntryNav-TEGRA_projects .pdf) to install Parasoft. Creating an eclipse project to test your code using C++Test: 1. Open a new Terminal and perform the following steps: * export PATH=$HOME/parasoft/cpptest/9.4:$PATH ($HOME should be ‘/home/mmes/’) * Go to the source folder you want to test using C++Test and run: * "./ C13384B 3.1.10" and then * "/home/mmes/parasoft/scripts/ make" (This should create the file 'cpptestscan.bdf' in the source folder.) 2. Open another terminal: * export PATH=$HOME/parasoft/cpptest/9.4:$PATH * export PATH=$PATH:/MM_BASE/arm/toolchain/toolchain/x86-linux2/bin * export PATH=$PATH:/bmw117/C13384B/sysroot/mm_entrynavc2hw-glibc_ivi_base/x86-linux2 (Modify the EntryNAV system release to the one in your setup, in this case it is ‘C13384B’) * Launch C++test GUI using “/home/mmes/parasoft/scripts/ &” 3. To create the project: * Go to File > New... > Project > C/C++ > C++Project, then Next> * In the project definition dialog that appears do the following. Make sure to leave the “Use default location” checkbox enabled: * Give project name, e.g. kisu_try * In the project type select Makefile project > Empty......

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...Computer Maintenance and Training Manual Table of content Chapter 1 Safety Environmental concerns Power Protection Dust, static, and heat issues Downloading unauthorized software Chapter 2 Maintenance and Cleaning Tower Monitor Keyboard Mouse Chapter 3 Internal hardware installation Motherboard Power Supply Processor Memory Hard Drives Chapter 4 Basic Principles for supporting I/O Devices and Multimedia and Mass Storage Devices Installing a Video Card Installing a DVD Drive Chapter 1 Safety * Environmental Concerns There are many methods that can be used to dispose of obsolete computer equipment. These include employee giveaways, donations to charity, and in some cases, an execution of the old mainframe. Most all old computers are considered toxic waste and must be disposed of properly. When it comes to household computer monitors they are usually not considered hazardous waste and are not included under federal regulations, however if you wish to disposed of one, you may want to make sure that the hard drive has been cleaned. Now for the heart of this issue. Since old computers are considered toxic waste, the main way that most businesses handle obsolete computers is to let a recycling company handle the dirty work. These companies are regulated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, but you have to use caution to make sure that the company that you choose to use is regulated. So it pays to do your research, and it is well......

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...Computer Science, vol. 13, no. 7 (2007), 959-969 submitted: 7/3/07, accepted: 25/7/07, appeared: 28/7/07 © J.UCS Pipeline-scheduling Simulator for Educational Purpose José M. Chaves-González (University of Extremadura, Spain Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez (University of Extremadura, Spain Juan A. Gómez-Pulido (University of Extremadura, Spain Juan M. Sánchez-Pérez (University of Extremadura, Spain Abstract: This paper presents a project that provides both, to professors and to students, a tool that is useful for studying, teaching and learning how pipelines work and how they can be scheduled in an easy and widespread way. The project is called PipeSim, and features static and dynamic pipelines with a very attractive, dynamic and intuitive interface. It is well known that pipeline and pipeline-scheduling are very relevant concepts in computer science studies and it is very important that students can learn these in an easy and reliable way. The simulator makes easy both working in depth about pipeline scheduling and working slowly paying attention in the different stages of the scheduling. However, we designed the simulator knowing that principal users would be students with no experience, so both the execution and the presentation of the results have been carefully developed. In addition to this, to check the success of PipeSim, a survey has been made among some students that used the simulator.......

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...Keys NT2640 Fri. Night Project Paper 1. Routing tables and how the router will perform a route lookup: a. Routing Table Format- A routing table is used by TCP/IP network routers to calculate the destinations of messages it is responsible for forwarding. The table is a small in-memory database managed by the router's built-in hardware and software. Each IP address identifies a remote router (or other network gateway) that the local router is configured to recognize. For each IP address, the routing table additionally stores a network mask and other data that specifies the destination IP address ranges that remote device will accept. Home network routers utilize a very small routing table because they simply forward all outbound traffic to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) gateway which takes care of all other routing steps. Home router tables typically contain ten or fewer entries. By comparison, the largest routers at the core of the Internet backbone must maintain the full Internet routing table that exceeds 100,000 entries and growing as the Internet expands. b. Routing Lookup Mechanism- c. Classful vs. Classless Routing- Classful Routing, which is sometimes called a classful network. If you are using a classful routing protocol then all of your networks are in different classes and are separated by a router. Remember that the useable IPv4 address ranges are divided into classes. Class A 1-126, Class B 128-191, and Class C 192-223. So when we talk about a......

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Goddam Morgue In 'Catcher In The Rye' Stradlater uses this reference shortly after coming back from his date with Jane and is surprised by how empty the dorm rooms are. The dorms may be empty because it is a saturday night and most kids are at their homes or at a party. “That guy Morrow was about as sensitive as a goddam toilet seat” Line 28 (55) This is another example of a simile as Holden says “sensitive ‘as’ a goddam toilet seat”. Holden is saying that Morrow is extremely sensitive. That is not the case as Holden is trying to make Morrows mom feel as though her son is very nice and naive person. Morrow is although a very rambunctious teenager but his mother has no clue of that....

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...He is ranked second in among switch hitters, third in the number of home runs by third baseman and third about the number of switch hitters. Jones is ranked fourth in RBIs among third basemen and third in RBIs among switch hitters”(Fernette). “While a rookie can expect to play 5.6 years, a player in his third season can expect to play six additional years” (Roberts). Playing a sport at any level can cause wear and tear on the athlete's body. The higher up the player gets, the higher the chances are of a major injury not only due to age but because of the years of stress on the body. Playing 162 games per season is a lot of traveling, playing the game, and stress on a person. If someone plays the average number of years-5.6-then the particular athlete will play in around 900 games their career. Chipper played about 3,500 games, almost four times the average number. Chipper thought about retiring in 2010 because of his under par statics, instead he decided to finish strong. On October 3, 2012 he finished his twenty-two year reign with the Atlanta Braves...

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...Ashly Aquino Professor McIntyre ENC 1102 April 22, 2016 Saving Sourdi “Saving Sourdi” is a short story written by May-Lee Chai. This short story is about two sisters, Nea and Sourdi, who have a sisterly bond however, Nea the protagonist character starts feeling like her relationship with her sister is being threatened by the men that enters Sourdis life. This causes Nea to become a courageous, protective, and ignorant character throughout the story. While Nea assumes that she is helping her sister, she fails to realize that she makes the situation worse. The author uses characterization as a literary device to show how siblings can act towards a loved one ignoring the consequences that are yet to come. “A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves- a special kind of bond.” (Toni Morrison) Having a sister can be either a blessing or a curse. A sister can be your mirror, partner in crime, your midnight companion, and a teacher. For many it's a blessing however, at times a sister can bring out many attributes and moods. Nea and Sourdi are two sisters that grew up together and were seeking for the real America with their mother. The sisters encountered many events and shared many moments “…the two of us, so we could talk about things like boys at school or who......

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David Lurie- Not so Disgraced found out and asked to resign from the university and moves away from Cape Town to be in isolation with his daughter. He refers to this period as being in “disgrace” and that because of what he lost back at his home in Cape Town he is now expected to be in this state of disgrace. Lurie, although at first resistant, becomes at home with his daughter Lucy in this small country area- giving the impression that he is in fact a changed man. On the contrary, after he leaves for Cape Town he resorts back to his old ways of going to a prostitute for an intimate connection. For a person who had not seemed to change at all, one would consider Lurie a static character, although this is not the case. David Lurie is a realistic, growing, and dynamic character that effectively paints the picture of how “old dogs” can still, in fact, learn new tricks. In the first few chapters of the novel, Lurie is represented as a man who seeks to control and to display his power. In the first chapter he uses Soraya, a prostitute, to display his power- the act of buying another person for sexual relations is a display of power that Lurie takes full advantage of. But when Soraya leaves the brothel Lurie seeks to gain his power again by luring one of his students, Melanie, into his home to seduce her. “That is where he ought to end it. But he does not,” is how the situation with Melanie is described...

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