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Marketing Considerations for
Small-Scale Specialty Food Producers
Fact Sheets for the
Small Scale Food Entrepreneur

Published by:
The Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship at the New York State Food Venture Center, Cornell University, This publication is for educational purposes only. 01/07
Cornell University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Educator and Employer

Marketing Considerations for Small-Scale Specialty Food Producers
The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade has adopted the following description of specialty foods:
Specialty food products …shall mean: foods, beverages, or confections meant for human use that are of the highest grade, style and/or quality in their category. Their specialty nature derives from a combination of some or all of the following qualities: uniqueness, exotic origin, particular processing design, limited supply, unusual application or extraordinary packaging or channel of distribution… the common denominator of which is their unusually high quality..
Small-scale specialty food processors face unique challenges and opportunities when marketing their products. If the venture is to be successful, the processor must decide what market the product will thrive in, what the competition is, and how to market the product given the processor’s available resources. A marketing plan facilitates business success by requiring the processor to address each of these marketing issues through marketing goals and strategies.
The research necessary for marketing plan development also prevents entry into an unprofitable business venture.
The Marketing Plan is an integral part of the Business Plan. Through the marketing plan, the food entrepreneur identifies marketing goals which will lead to success for the business. These goals should meet the following “SMART” criteria:
• Specific – for...

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