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Brothers Grimm o Jakob Grimm (1786-1863) o Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859) o educated o collected the stories (not authors) o stories called “Kinder und Hausmarchen” (Children’s & Household Stories) o stories embodied the fears & superstitions of the uneducated storytellers & their audiences o stories = enjoyed by children & adults o “Hansel & Gretel” o “Rapunzel” o “Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs” o “Godfather Death”
“Godfather Death” • 1822 • from oral tradition • fairy tale o magical world o witches & goblins or fairies o by & for the uneducated

I. EXPOSITION (setting the scene, background, introduces characters) • poor man w/12 children, worked night & day to feed them • 13th child comes along • goes out to a great highway to ask the 1st person he sees to be the boy’s godfather o GOD: • takes pity on man • promises happiness to child • refused b/c inequality – gives to the rich, lets poor go hungry • (lost faith) • “he turned from the Lord” o DEVIL: • too willing to make a deal • promises gold & pleasures • refused b/c equality but unfairness deceives & misleads humanity o DEATH: • accepted b/c equality – makes all men equal, takes rich/poor w/o distinction • promises rich & famous • section ends with Baptism

II. COMPLICATION: (obstacle) • boy comes “of age” • *switch from Father to Son as protagonist • Death gives him his christening gift * HERB (will cure any ailment) • WARNING #1: • Death stands at patient’s FEET = no help, doomed to die • Death stands at patient’s HEAD =...

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