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1. I believe what makes this play different from conventional plays is the setting and basic plot. The entire setting of the play was shown in the same location, you do not see this in the average play. Setting change is necessary to keep the viewers interested but the intense dialogue and message kept the audience watching. the best way to describe this play is boring. Little happens, not action, very few twist and character changes but when you finish this play you really think and changes how you think about your life. The average play is for pure entertainment while this is more of a life lesson within a script. Some similarity between this play and the average is the use of repetition. The main c characters repeatedly say dialogue such as “were waiting for goat” and seeing the boy twice to empathize the importance.

2. I think The overall theme is this play is existentialism. The human struggle to find meaning in a meaningless life. Most importantly to find fulfillity in life, lack of purpose: the uncertainty of life. The characters are both anxiety driven men who wait around for the mysterious Godot. They believe waiting for him in necessary for them to take action. They are waiting for something external to give them meaning. Their is also an religious interpretation in the sense people wait for religion to give them direction to the next course of action they should take. They rely on God to give their life purpose who could be an interpretation of Godot.

3. I believe in the original black and white movie the characters are portrayed more accurate rather then the newer colored movie. Information about their appearance is slim but “he walks in "short stiff strides, legs wide apart," and is heavier than Estragon. their is little information since there is no description of Estragon's weight. It tends to be the convention in most productions, however,...

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