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Godfather Death

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Final Paper
Introductory Psychology
Professor: Amanda Sesko

The final paper was designed to meet several goals: * To improve your skills in identifying, locating, and evaluating psychological research articles. * To teach you how to read, understand, and think critically about psychological research reports and their implications for real world issues. * To enhance your ability to clearly and concisely review scientific literature. * To enhance your ability to develop clear, effective and scientifically-sound arguments in written forms of expression. * To allow you to research further points of interest from this course.

Your assignment is to think about 3 specific topics that interest you the most. You will then research each topic and find 1 peer reviewed empirical research article per topic that was written from year 2000 + (total of 3 articles). Your job will be to:

1) Summarize the article focusing on the goals and hypotheses, relevant methods, and results (written in words) of the study.
2) Discuss what interests you about this topic and what you would like to know more about. The idea is to get you to think in more detail about topics that caught your eye throughout the semester.

For each topic you should have about 1-4 paragraphs. No more than 1 page for each article. Your task is to concisely review research, only discussing the most relevant details and take-home messages. Thus your paper should be about 3 pages of text and 1 page with references on it. This is not a paper in which you need to synthesize articles, but rather you will have 3 separate articles, and you will discuss them separately on each page (no flow or transition to the next article needed). You should be concise and clear and only report relevant details.

This should be written with 1 inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double...

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...On the day of his only daughter's wedding, Vito Corleone hears requests in his role as the Godfather, the Don of a New York crime family. Vito's youngest son, Michael, in a Marine Corps uniform, introduces his girlfriend, Kay Adams, to his family at the sprawling reception. Vito's godson Johnny Fontane, a popular singer, pleads for help in securing a coveted movie role, so Vito dispatches his consigliere, Tom Hagen, to Los Angeles to influence the abrasive studio head, Jack Woltz. Woltz is unmoved until the morning he wakes up in bed with the severed head of his prized stallion. Shortly before Christmas 1945, drug baron Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo, backed by the Corleones' rivals, the Tattaglias, asks Vito for investment in the emerging drug trade and protection through his political connections. Vito disapproves of drug dealers, so he sends his enforcer, Luca Brasi, to spy on them. The family then receives two fish wrapped in Brasi's vest, imparting that he "sleeps with the fishes". An assassination attempt by Sollozzo's men lands Vito in the hospital, so his eldest son, Sonny, takes command. Sollozzo kidnaps Hagen to pressure Sonny to accept his deal. Michael thwarts a second assassination attempt on his father at the hospital; his jaw is broken by Police Captain McCluskey, who is also Sollozzo's bodyguard. Sonny retaliates for the attacks on his father by having Tattaglia's son killed. Michael comes up with a plan to hit Sollozzo and McCluskey: on the pretext of settling...

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...The Godfather (1972) The Godfather by Mario Puzo, is a world acclaimed piece of work. Not only did the book win in many ways but the movie is also a trendsetter in its own right. The Godfather trilogy to this day is considered the best trilogy of its times. The saga carefully and intimately inspects ups and downs and psychology of the Corleone family and the main thing, fears and the insecurities that each character possesses and how they compel them to behave in the way they do. The movie was not only popular for its artwork, but also for its major elements used in film, e-g cinematography and music. The cinematography is done in really nice way which filled up with the magnificent scenes and shots, each one of them are unique and memorable. From the silent opening of Bonasera’s plea to Don Corleoneto the tense close up of Michael’s face just before he kills, Sollozzo and McCluskey to the eventual doomed closing shot. The movie is filled with artistic flair. The cinematography in general of Godfather is very realistic and perfect. The use of contrast, of playing with light and darkness put a very realistic impression on audience. Many of the interiors, including Don Coleone’s office, are bathed in darkness. Characters move in and out of the light and are often partially obscured by darkness. Famously, Marlon Brando’s face was lighted from the ceiling down for creating high contrasting shadows over his eyes, which made him more ambiguous in his thoughts, because his eyes......

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...Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate, Harlow, Essex CM20 2JE, England 2nd Associated Companies throughout the world. ISBN-10: 0-582-41787-2 ISBN-13: 978-0-582-41787-8 First published in Great Britain by Random House UK Ltd 1969 This adaptation published by Penguin Books 1998 Published by Addison Wesley Longman Limited and Penguin Books Ltd. 1998 New edition first published 1999 7 9 10 8 Original copyright © Mario Puzo 1969 Adaptation copyright © Chris Rice 1998 Photographs copyright © Paramount reproduced by courtesy of The Ronald Grant Archive All rights reserved Typeset by Digital Type, London Set in ll/14pt Bembo Printed in China SWTC/07 All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the Publishers. Published by Pearson Education Limited in association with Penguin Books Ltd, both companies being subsidiaries of Pearson Plc For a complete list of titles available in the Penguin Readers series please write to your local Pearson Education office or contact: Penguin Readers Marketing Department, Pearson Education, Edinburgh Gate, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2JE. Contents page iv Wedding on Long Island The Greatest Racehorse in the World Virgil Sollozzo Sicilian Message Seeds of Revenge Nothing Personal Apollonia A Bridge Too Far A Good American Wife 1 6 9 15 20 25 31 34...

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...“THE GODFATHER IS A STAGGERING TRIUMPH...THE DEFINITIVE NOVEL ABOUT A SINISTER FRATERNITY OF CRIME...” --Saturday Review “YOU CAN’T STOP READING IT, AND YOU’LL FIND IT HARD TO STOP DREAMING ABOUT IT!” --New York Magazine THE GODFATHER THE GODFATHER Mario Puzo Copyright © Mario Puzo 1969 All rights reserved For Anthony Cleri THE GODFATHER BOOK I Behind every great fortune there is a crime. --BALZAC Chapter 1 Amerigo Bonasera sat in New York Criminal Court Number 3 and waited for justice; vengeance on the men who had so cruelly hurt his daughter, who had tried to dishonor her. The judge, a formidably heavy-featured man, rolled up the sleeves of his black robe as if to physically chastise the two young men standing before the bench. His face was cold with majestic contempt. But there was something false in all this that Amerigo Bonasera sensed but did not yet understand. “You acted like the worst kind of degenerates,” the judge said harshly. Yes, yes, thought Amerigo Bonasera. Animals. Animals. The two young men, glossy hair crew cut, scrubbed clean-cut faces composed into humble contrition, bowed their heads in submission. The judge went on. “You acted like wild beasts in a jungle and you are fortunate you did not sexually molest that poor girl or I’d put you behind bars for twenty years.” The judge paused, his eyes beneath impressively thick brows flickered slyly toward the sallow-faced Amerigo Bonasera, then lowered to a stack of probation......

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...The Godfather 1 Film Review Student’s name: Institutional Affiliations: The Godfather is a 1972 crime film based on Mario Puzo’s novel of the same name. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Albert S. Ruddy. Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola did the screenplay. The film stars Al Pacino and Marlon Brando as the main characters in the story. Set in New York, Nevada and Sicily in the years between 1944 and 1955, the film follows the experiences of the family of Vito Corleone, the head of a powerful Mafia family in New York. In 1945, tycoon and drug dealer Sollozzo, with the backing of the Tattaglia family, asks for Vito’s backing through his connection with politicians, in Sollozzo’s drug business, in exchange for which he promises Corleone immense profits. Corleone is unyielding and Sollozzo begins a war among the five families of the New York Mafia. Sollozzo first attempts to assassinate Vito Corleone, but Corleone survives and is taken to hospital, where a second attempt on his life is foiled by Michael, his youngest son. While Vito is in hospital, Sonny, Vito’s oldest son, takes over running the family business. Sollozzo further kidnaps Tom Hagen, Vito’s right-hand man, to put pressure on Sonny to agree to his terms. In retaliation for his father’s attack, Sonny successfully arranges for the killing of Tattaglia’s son. Michael then machinates a plan to get rid of Sollozzo and McCluskey, a corrupt police officer and associate of Sollozzo. Under......

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...Perpetuah Mwai Professor Krajewski English 101 July 17 2012 The Godfather The film opens up with Don Corleone; the head of the family oversees his daughter’s wedding. Michael his last child had just returned from the war, but he doesn’t intend to join the family business, later he becomes the savior of Corleone’s family. 2. Turk a drug dealer requests Vito for investment and protection of his drug business through his political connections but Vito declines and disapproves the drug business. Vito says that his business [gambling] does not conflict with Turk’s. Later we see Vito sending Luca Brasi to spy on Tattaglia family but he doesn’t return. During chrismas, we see Michael and Kay celebrating and buying gifts while on the other hand Hagen is kidnapped, Sollozzo tries to assassinate Vito which lands him in the hospital. Michael stands as godfather during christening of Connie and Carlo’s son. As the christening proceeds, Moe Greene is assassinated on Michael’s orders. After christening Michael questions Carlo on his involvement in setting his brother’s [Sonny] murder and Carlo confesses he was approached by Barzini.Michael orders that he goes back to Vegas and he is escorted to the car, Clemenza kills him. Connie confronts Michael of her husband’s murder but Michael denies it. 3. Women in Corleone’s family were......

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