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God’s Social Solution Strong Family. Strong Church, Strong Community!

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God’s Social Solution Strong Family. Strong Church, Strong Community!
By Frank Sipps III (23734493)
SOCI 201-D10 LUO
July 10, 2014
Professor Mark Leadem

What Is God’s plan in meeting the social problems of society beyond salvation? The answer lies within the family values and behaviors that God laid out in scripture. It was obvious in the early church; Social studies show these values and behaviors make a difference in the outcome of children. These values have made a significant impact on businesses when applied. We will look at what these values and behaviors are along with the impact in three areas the family, the church and the community. Therefore, the main concentration of this paper will be to bring out the Biblical teaching on the role of family individually and in the church and its affect. When a believer fully understands what biblical family is they will become strong as individuals, family and produce strong churches along with stronger communities. When reference is made to family the family concept of the bible is applied if not otherwise noted.

What are the Strong Family Values and Behaviors?
“By way of definition: THE HOME IS A SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP (INSTITUTION) ESTABLISHED BY GOD FOR MAN’S GOOD AND GOD’S GLORY” (Donnie S. Barnes, 2012). How to we build strong families “by paying attention not only to individual family members but to the family as a group. This is rarely done in the American home” (Wulf., 2005). When the group is left out of family and attention only on the individual the group fails to function as a group. The family functions as selfish individuals that just exist.
The following is the characteristics of a strong Christian home:
(1) A family that is truly Christian is Christ-like, which means that its members...

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