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Defending a Domestic Position against Global Entries

The paper offers a systematic review of strategic options available to incumbents coping with threats and attacks by a global firm. The framework makes it possible to review and analyze action alternatives based on the entry stage, the attack focus and defense tactics. Even though the globalization process has exposed domestic incumbents to greater threats, incumbents’ options have also increased. The doors of trade liberalization swing both ways. Opportunities for collaboration increase while anti-globalization movements and national patriotism can be mobilized for effective defense.. The framework presented in this paper builds on existing strategic theories and concepts in addition to published case studies. It offers a flexible and dynamic approach for reviewing alternative strategies for implementation and research.

Key words: Defensive strategies, Incumbents, Global threats, Global opportunities, Globalization trends.
Defending a Domestic Position against Global Entries
Yaron Timmor; Samuel Rabino; Jehiel Zif
In the age of globalization, many domestic firms are threatened by the entry of global firms (Baker and Ballington 2002; Beardsley et al. 2002; Roberts Nelson and Morrison 2005; Thoumrungroje and Tansubaj 2004). Equipped with mega brands, know-how and economies of scales, global and multinational firms shove aside and even trample local players (Douglast, Quelch and Taylor 2004; Meyer and Tran 2006). However, in recent years, consumers, governments and domestic firms have been fighting back. Nations, today, are more protective of their industries and products and concerned with foreign takeovers and acquisitions threatening the independence and identity of their domestic markets (Economist March 2006; Roberts, Nelson and Morrison 2005). Hence, even without legislation...

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