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Gojo Case Questions

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1. How do GOJO’s market-facing BHAG and internal sustainability initiative complement each other to create sustainable value and further the achievement of both?

Sustainability of GOJO really began with the routes of the company and it has been part of its legacy. If we take it back to its founders GOLBIE and JERRY LIPPMAN sustainability was built in to their industrial business. It was and still about putting people and the wellbeing first. Today GOJO is a global leader in the skin health and hand hygiene. Everyday people rely on these products to stay healthy and protective in environments such as governments, healthcare, education and at home. The GOJO purpose is saving lives and making better thorough well-being solutions which guide to ongoing commitment to advantaging social environmental and economic sustainability. As the global leader in hand hygiene they realized that their greatest potential is the social sustainability by reducing risk in health and well-being. Sustainable value is a guiding principle they use to make sure that our work create social environmental and economic value for the business and the stakeholders. It also can be in other words, it is promoting health with their product which means that what they create as a positive impact for the business and the stakeholders and make sure that they have a profitable future. Also, they use the sustainable ways of working (SWOW) which is a term that is used in GOJO to describe their approach to changing the way people think and work every day to imbed sustainability in everything they do. GOJO committed to five SWOW principles: * Leading and learning. * Proactive continues improvement. * Economic responsibility. * Environmental management and compliance. * Stakeholder’s collaboration.
By this way GOJO can reach to the BHAG which is one billion people every day all over the...

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