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Tutorial 3 – Perception and emotions Computerized decision making
Q1. What are the specific advantages of using computerized decision making? How can computers be better decision makers than humans?
First, computers are capable of amassing and compiling enormous amounts of data and using them to spot trends and patterns that a human observer would simply never see. The second one is the computers also aren’t prone to emotional decision making or falling into the heuristics and biases. I think that computers be better decision makers than human because they can know enormous information and computers have no emotion and it can listen to people’s order to make the right choice.
Q2. What are the weaknesses of using computers as decision tools? Are computers likely to have any specific problems in making decisions that people wouldn’t have?
The first weakness is the computer systems have certain faults that might severely constrain their usefulness. Then, although computers can grind through masses of data, they aren’t capable of intuition or creative thought. They are much more likely to spot opportunities that lie just beyond what the data can tell us directly. Computers cannot actively consider whether their programming makes sense or adapt automatically when values change. They cannot notice if a person is out of order, but actually he is a good person. Computer cannot know this kind of situation, but human can see this kind of people. If the company let the computer to do the decision, the company may lose a good employee.
Q3. I don’t think computer decision-making system can effectively take ethical issues into account because I think the ethical decision is a controversial thing. It also has some criteria, such as, utilitarianism, whistle-blowers and justice, utilitarianism is a system in which decisions are made to provide the greatest good for the…...

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