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3 November 2014
Good Deed to Get Publicity Publicity is a very important issue for Law enforcement. Currently, people are doing good deeds to get publicity so, they can became famous over the internet. In this picture of a homeless guy in Times Square New York, shows a homeless man with a police officer right next to him. By the police officer doing this deed, makes the law enforcement look better. Also for the police officer, people label him as a hero and not a person just trying to look good in the eyes of the public. In this visual it shows a cop doing a good deed to get publicity. In the picture the homeless man is wearing raggedy clothes because his pants are all ripped up at the bottom. It is winter time because he has a winter coat on and so does the police officer. People that are unhoused usually only have one pair of clothing and it’s the one they are wearing also, don’t have many possessions because everything that they have travels with them. Usually homeless people carry everything they own in a book bag or a shopping cart. In the picture a pair of boots is next to the homeless man and the police officer is kneeling down next to him. The officer is looking right at him with his hands in front of the homeless man, showing the man that he won’t hurt him. The officer knew that the homeless man was walking bare foot around Times Square and bought him a pair of all-weather boots and thermal socks. The homeless man’s feet were all blistered up because he was walking around Times Square in the winter with no shoes on. When the homeless man got the shoes, he was so happy. In an interview the police officer said that when he got the shoes his smile was from ear to ear, it was like you gave him a million dollars (Bosman). Of course when people hear the story, they are going to love it because homeless people are usually not happy.
An Arizona tourist took the picture of the cop and the homeless man. The tourist then posted the picture on Facebook. The picture went viral only a few hours from when it was posted. The picture received 320,000 likes in one day (Bosman). When the picture went viral that’s when the officer started to become famous. People interviewed the officer and he said he didn’t even know that someone was taking a picture of them. Unfortunately, the officer did know that someone was taking the picture. In the middle of Times Square there is a lot of people that walk the streets, the officer knew that everyone would be watching him putting the boots on the homeless man.
Law enforcement takes advantage of getting good publicity. Right after this picture was published the law enforcement ratings went up (Bosman). The picture has so many likes and comments because people all over the world, fell in love with the story. There are many crimes that people commit in New York City. By getting this good publicity makes the crime rate go down. Also, it makes all policer officers look good in New York.
Once a person becomes homeless they don’t have money to pay for food. In the picture the guy had a can next to him so people can drop money in it. This little bit of money that they get, pays for their food for the day. In a short interview the homeless man says that he keeps the receipt just to remind him that some people have it worse. Homeless people make the wrong decisions and use the money for drugs and alcohol. One time my mom and I were leaving the mall and one homeless guy went up to my mom asking her for money because he said that he was hungry. My mom and I decided to go to McDonalds and bring the man some food and when she went to give the man the food the guy said he didn’t want it. After that situation, I would never help a homeless man again. Just because you try to help a homeless person doesn’t mean they take the help that is offered.
People say that months later the homeless guy in the picture was bare foot again. In a short interview he finally gave his name, Jeffery Hillman. Hillman told the reporter that he didn’t like the publicity that he was receiving. He also told the reporter that he hid the boots and keeps them in a safe place because they are expensive. Jeffery took off the boots because he knew the cop did it to get publicity. He had to sell the boots because he is homeless, where would he possibly put these boots. Eventually they also offered this homeless man housing and he didn’t take it. He would rather live on the street barefoot then get any type of help. In further research it shows that people with illnesses have problems with accepting help (Bosman). This shows that he has some kind of illness that shows why he doesn’t want any help.
The police officers duties are to protect our community from the people who are committing crimes. This police officer did this deed in front of everyone and knew everyone would see it. If he did the deed from his heart, he would have done it where nobody could see him doing it and not in the middle of Times Square. The homeless man walks around and lives in the streets of Times Square and is very well known person. Just by doing a good deed to a man that everyone sees and knows about just makes it more obvious that he did it for the publicity side. Also right after the officer helped the homeless man the officer got promoted to detective. This shows that he knew that people were watching him give the homeless man the boots and hoped to get a better position.
Everyone loves what the police officer did for the homeless guy but they don’t know why he did it. The police officer did this good deed because he wanted to get publicity. He did this because he knew people would be watching him do this good deed. Also, by doing this good deed makes the law enforcement ratings go up. Homeless people that have illnesses will not accept the help that is out there for them. The officer bought the homeless man boots but the man was seen wearing no shoes again. The officer knew that the man doesn’t want any help but helps him anyways to get noticed. Everyone knew the homeless man, he was familiar to everyone because he didn’t have any shoes on. Just because everyone seen this homeless man everyday made him a good target for the officer.

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