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Good Qualities in a Neighbor

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Janely Vidaña
Prof. Crocker
October 15, 2012 When it comes to being a good neighbor you have to be friendly, have good communication, and be respectful. First of all, being a friendly neighbor is always important. For example, if a new neighbor is moving in next door you should go introduce yourself and answer any of their questions about the neighborhood. Also if your neighbor is an elderly person who can’t do much to their house, you should offer to mown the lawn or take out the trash for them .Being friendly with your neighbors will make your life easier and peaceful. Having a good communication with your neighbors will save you from having any conflicts. For example, if you’re planning on doing anything that might affect your neighbors let them know in advanced to see if they will be okay with it. It can also be that they are doing things that are bothering you, so you’ll let them know as well. Finally, being a respectful neighbor is probably the most effective way to being a good neighbor. For instance, you should keep the music from disturbing them and never block anyone’s driveway with your car .Don’t do things that would bother you if your neighbors were to do them. A part of being respectful is also minding your own business and not trying to get information on everything they do. In conclusion, if you want to have a good relationship with your neighbors you have to be friendly, have good communication, and be respectful.

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