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Good Team Player

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A Good Team Player
Steven, Assistant Department Manager- Accounts Payable
Kristin, Newly appointed supervisor of Accounts Payable Department
Other managers and employees at the Accounts Payable Department

Main Problem:
Should Steven name the names of the people who he thought are not acting on the interest of the companies?

Sub-Problem: Do you think Steven intentionally hinted Kristin regarding this issue?

Being a leader does not mean getting the upper hand, but it means that one should lower his/her hand, stretch it out so that other can reach it and together they can accomplish what it needs to be done.

It is also not wise for Kirsten to force Steven to name those people as she is depriving them fairness in judgment.

Team work lies on the attitude of the leaders.

It is them who can make or break the outlook of the department thus it is them who can model what “acting on the best interest of the company” would mean.
A Case Study
Prepared by China Chua
Background of the Case:
Kristin is forcing Steven to spill the beans on who are the employees that are not acting on the best interests of the company, based on what he had told her earlier on their first meeting.

No, he should not give her the names, instead he should clarify to Kirsten that what he said earlier was a mere comment/opinion and it meant no harm to her or his team mates.
He should be be a team player
To dwell into the situation, do I really think that Steven intentionally hinted Kristen this issue?

I would say Yes, he hinted Kirsten and wanted to get even in this bureaucratic world by getting Kristen to his side.

Would he spill the beans? Yes, there is a big possibility that he would do that.

Thus, I strongly advised Steven to follow the earlier course I mention and be a team player.
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