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Good Thinking Is Inspired by Good Values That One Practices on a Daily Basis

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Good Thinking is Inspired by Good Values That One Practices On A Daily Basis Thinking is the highest mental activity present in man. All human achievements and progress are simply the products of thought. Thus, man’s thinking can change the world to a better place or even worse too. In today’s society, we can see many types of crime happened around us. The major factor that encourage these people to do such thing is not because they are forced by the bad situation but is they have bad thought to achieve or get something. They are selfish, heartless, only care about themselves and sometimes they are lazy to work for money. And thus, they rob, snatch, cheat and abduct people who are usually weak or don’t have much experience in handle with ‘bad guys’ . For instances, old lady, young lady, woman and child. In short, good thinking is significant to a person to ensure he has a bright future and brings our society to a better place. So, it is important to us to talk about good thinking. In facts, good thinking is inspired by good values that one practices in daily basis. Now, there are many questions appear in our brain. Firstly, what are the good values we practices in life? How we practice these values in our daily life? And, how these good values affect our thinking?
First and foremost, the most important value that we should practice in our daily basis is to be appreciate everything we own now. We have to appreciate every moment we spent with friends, family and lover. This is because we never know what would happen next. Maybe someone we love will leaves us and we cannot meet again. Or, there maybe have some deep mistaken between you and your friends which break your friendship forever and would never get recover. So, never say or do something that would hurt their heart because this can let us lose them forever. On the other hand, we should love, care...

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