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Goodbye to Happy Hour

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Analysis of the Case
The Division of Environmental Assessments is now a very important governmental unit, because its mandate has been switched from environmental impact assessment to assessment of environmental plans of oil and gas developments. Based on the importance of oil and gas, this division is clearly under pressure to meet demands and expectations of clients. For this reason, the leadership as well as team members working with the division must employ new strategies that not only increase their efficiency, but also encourage them to work together as a team. This paper analyses some of the problems facing the Division of Environmental Assessments, as well as some solutions aimed at improving employee experience.
There are underlying problems in the case. The problems must be solved if the division is to play a more complete role in assessment of environmental plans of oil and gas developments. One of the clearest problems is poor employee retention. In the history of the division, it is obvious that employee turnover has not been a serious issue. However, there is now an increase in the turnover rate, and the ability of filling vacant positions is becoming increasingly difficult. From the case, it is evident that within the first month of Jane’s leadership as the Manager of Environmental Assessments, the division has lost one top engineer and one junior engineer. The main reason why employees are leaving the division is that they are receiving more attractive salary packages from other companies, especially in the private sector. Poor employee retention clearly has a direct relationship with the inability of the division to attract new workers. Based on the situation on the ground, this is not only because of a lack of engineers with the appropriate background, but also because of lack of engineers that are willing to commit themselves to...

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