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Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices

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1. What is PUE, and why is it an important place to start when considering how to reduce data center power consumption? What value of PUE should data center managers strive for?

PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness. It is the ratio of total facility energy to IT equipment energy. This measurement is important because it displays how effectively the company delivers power to the IT equipment. If the company is not delivering its energy effectively, they could incur a great deal of additional overhead costs. Companies want their PUE to equal or get close to 1.00. So, the PUE ratio would be 1.00/1.00=1.

2. Describe the five methods recommended by Google for reducing power consumption.

1). Measure PUE Reducing overhead by effectively distributing power and cooling. 2). Manage Airflow:
Managing airflow is yet another way to reduce a data center’s energy load by reducing the mixing of hot and cold air. One way to measure this is through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) which shows where “hot spots” are located and how the airflow is directed. 3). Adjust Thermostat:
By increasing the temperature and reducing the amount of energy expended on air conditioning, Google saves thousands of dollars annually. Even just increasing the temperature by a few degrees makes a huge difference in annual energy consumption. 4). Utilize Free Cooling:
Using ambient temperatures outside the data center to provide free cooling and thereby reducing energy consumption. For example, a cooler climate such as Iceland is a more desirable location than a hot and humid one such as Florida. Additionally, using techniques such as evaporative cooling can reduce energy consumption by use of water. 5). Optimize Power Distribution:
Google has reduced the number of electrical conversion stages (AC to DC) needed to supply electricity to components...

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