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Google Glass - Ethical or Not?

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Topic Area: Technology and Business Ethics

Thesis: Should the ‘Google Glass’ be sold to the general public, or, should there be a restriction on the people who can use the device?

Imagine what the world would be like with the ‘Google Glass’, a device that can be used to capture everything, even our thoughts, and it all happens without our consent. Although the glass is a revolutionary piece of innovation that allows access to information and services in a matter of seconds, it is “essentially going to allow people to come in and spy on you and record that without you knowing what’s going on”. Google claims that the glasses are designed to address this issue of privacy and “in order to activate the camera or to record the video you have to take an explicit gesture or say something out loud”. However, there are ways around this, such as developed by Mike Di Giovanni, who has came up with a way to take pictures with just a wink and hackers have also been able to run facial recognition programs on the device, where the glass can scan a face and provide information about that person.

With technology like this available to the public anything can be recorded and uploaded on the Internet in a matter of minutes, therefore its use is essentially breaking ethical codes by disrespecting the privacy of others. A recent example is a video uploaded by filmmaker, Chris Barret, who secretively captured an arrest on the New Jersey boardwalk on the 4th of July 2013 and without the knowledge of those involved in the fight. This is only one example that shows us what can potentially happen in the future if everyone on the streets had the device each to themselves, it would be almost impossible to do something without being constantly watched. What is even scarier is the thought of people watching you whilst you fill out personal information forms, credit card...

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