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Google Self Driving Car

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Google Self-Driving Car

Pranaw Kumar

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2nd October 2014

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Macro Environmental Analysis 5 PESTEL 5 Political 5 Economic 5 Social 5 Technological 6 Environmental 6 Legal 6 Summary 7 Micro Environmental Analysis 7 Porter’s Five Forces 7 Bargaining Power of supplier 7 Threat of substitutes 8 Bargaining power of customers 8 Threat of New entrants 8 Competitive rivalry 8 Summary 9 Conclusion 10 References 11

Executive Summary
With continuous change in technology there is always continuous advancement in life style, and Google Self-drive car is going to be one of the biggest changes among them. This type of autonomous system always leaves long and prominent impact on the society and the environment. The whole world is moving towards more and more robotic systems where people just provide voice command or just a program and robotic system does the task automatically. This car can be a stepping stone towards such autonomous enhancement. There are many big players in auto industry who are trying to come into this futuristic field like BMW, Mercedes, Audi and many more, however Google’s self drive car stands apart in terms of completely autonomous car ‘no human interference’. This actually has some implication where human psychology interferes. Human by nature tries to keep control in their hands and having complete confidence on the machine is little difficult to gain. Saying that it is always the way technology improved and become integral part of human life. From bicycle to airplane, every technology has developed to extent to gain human confidence over machines and let machines controls tasks effectively & efficiently. As per Google’s Director Ron Medford, about 30% of...

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