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Analysing and Evaluating Google Inc. Business Strategy

In today’s date, Google has become world’s famous and successful in internet search engine, as well as one of the most popular companies that people are highly desired to be employed. As a global technology leading company, Google is always improving their wed search engine and advertising.

This report is aimed to evaluate and analysis how Google address the internal and external environment, by using SWOT analysis and Porters five forces to examination how Google viable and achieve within the environment. Moreover, in this report will be analysing how Google organising its resources and capabilities.

During the period of recession, many of companies had a significant impact on consumer demand. However, the company likes Google it seems to be no effect and still managing to make some profit. In fact, according to Schiffman (2008) says that company like Google focus on highly targeted looks particularly well-positioned to the recession. Compare with other businesses in same market, Google’s measurable advertising makes it more resistant during the recession. Grant (2010) add up, in order for Google to minimize the lost advertising revenue, Google should focus their strategy on a “clear recognition” from the recent recession.

Political and Legal factors
Over the years, Google holds mass amount of data from their internet, as lack of notification to both user and third party website owner, Google has been suspected of concern the copyright policy (BBC, 2006).
Likewise, the search terms from Google were been too details of what been looking for online with user and Department of Justice put on pressure to have Google to turn down the search terms. However, Google refused and point out the request is likely to disturb user’s privacy as well as company’s sensitive data (Buncombe…...