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The purpose of this case review is to summarize the case and identify the key issues. We also will evaluate how Google's mission statement is related to its business strategy, how their information systems strategy supports its business strategy, and how Google's organizational strategy supports its business strategy. Additionally we will identify which of Porter’s three generic strategies is Google employing. Finally we will analyze Google's strategy and the type of market disruption it has created using a dynamic environment perspective.
Case Summary
Google Inc was founded in 1998, and has grown to serve hundreds of thousands of users and customers around the world by providing access to a free search engine that locates information on the World Wide Web. Their mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
Google has created a simple but successful business strategy that is focused on attracting Internet users to their search engine and earning revenue from targeted advertisement. According to Sounders (2013) Google is operating on a simple but innovative business model of attracting Internet users to its free search services and earning revenue from targeted advertisement. They are accomplishing this task through the use of their AdWords and AdSense programs. According to Sounders (2013) AdWords enables businesses to place ads on Google and its network of publishing partners and AdSense allows them to push advertisements on publishing partners websites targeting specific audiences.
Google Inc currently offers over 120 different products or service and is actively seeking to enter new markets or develop new products. According to Sounders (2013) Google continues to take risks and expand into new markets. This strategy has been supported by the implementation of a corporate culture that fosters…...