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Gothich Cathedrals: Hidden Tails of Exploitation of Men

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Gothic Cathedrals:
The Hidden Tails of the Exploitation of Men

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Mrs. Dina Baroud
Gothic Cathedrals:
The Hidden Tails of the Exploitation of Men

Religion and church have always been criticized by scientists, physicists and philosophers because they sometimes use people and try to take advantage of their beliefs. Gothic churches, or sometimes referred to as skyscrapers of stone still stand till our days magically and gloriously. Anyone, no matter what his religious belief is and not matter how indifferent he is about architecture can’t but look admiringly to these churches. But, These churches that were supposedly built to bring people closer to God hide a lot of sad and dark tails that show the exploitation and abuse that was exercised by the Clerics towards the believers.
A good example of this behavior was Chartres cathedral, Chartres cathedral is one of the earliest Gothic churches to be ever built, but initially it wasn’t Gothic, it was rebuilt into one. It started when lightning stroke the cathedral and burned it to the ground. One of the most important elements in this church was the The villagers in the town of Chartres were shocked, they used to think of the church as their protector especially virgin Mary’s tunic that was given to them by the king of France used to reside there. After the fire, bishop Renault started saying that the incident was nothing but a sign from Virgin Marie herself that she desires a bigger more glorious church, but this wasn’t the truth.
During that time there was a dispute between the aristocracy and the Catholic Church, building this church would qualify as a triumph for the Catholics over the aristocrats and signals the dominance of the church on the entire region. The fact that people of Chartres were lied to and lead to be deluded that they are realizing Mary’s...

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