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Gov vs Video Games

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Government vs. Video Games
Michael Winchester

Governments are strongly against kids playing video games and the government is wrong. The government thinks if kids are play video games that have graphic violence, sex, violent scenes, gory scenes, partial nudity, full nudity, portrayal of criminal behavior they will become criminals. There is a wide assortment of games out there and not all of them are bad. The games that those people think are bad are rated for adults only, not for kids and it’s the parents fault for letting kids play them. Video games are for fun, they’re not a reference for how to be a violent person. Parents should be monitoring their kids more often. I am a very firm believer in the thought that video games are meant to be for fun and do not affect how violent a person may become.
The Government looks at video games completely the wrong way. One of their thoughts is that when someone plays to many video games it can make them violent and can make them into criminals. Looking at the classic game of "Cops and Robbers" and "Cowboys and Indians": children pretend to rob banks and shoot cops dead; toy guns or imaginary weapons are aimed at opponents; losers are supposed to "play dead." Fast-forward to the present and the debate over video game regulation. (Thierer, 2003) The recently introduced bill H.R. 669 by Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA), "The Protect Children from Video Game Sex and Violence Act of 2003." This bill would impose fines on anyone who sells or rents, "any video game that depicts nudity, sexual conduct, or other content harmful to minors." (Baca, 2003) I believe this bill is made with the notion that anyone that sells video games lets any age of person buy any game they want. Rating systems are in place for parents and for the seller to ensure the right game gets into the right hands. Video games are rated by the ESRB and they are rated...

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