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Autocracy is the system administer by the minority. Its reverse than democracy, in autocracy people does not allow to take place or make any decision for the country. Today, there still have a country that used autocracy as their country system. Autocracy never listens to citizen about how to make a country to be betterment. Everything will be decided by the rural. Usually, the rural is despotism because the right of people are not hear but not at all of them.

Characteristics. 1. Form of ruling.
It will determined by the rural. People do not allow participating. People who try to participate will be a person who tries challenge the rural. And the person will becomes as rural enemy. It’s because in autocracy, people voice are useless and nothing for government. The participating by the people in terms make decision making is too smallest. The politics scope fully under the rural with any influence by the people. As example, to decide who will be the head of Republic of China. A person does not participate in this context. President Hu Jintao selected without citizens influence. 2. Political Party.
In autocracy country. There have political party but the political party only for the government side only that legal. Other political party does not get legal. It’s because other political party who create does not allowed to join in any election and it’s useless. It’s because in the autocracy country, it does not has election. The election is nothing. What so ever the result by the election it will not legal because the head of state still will be a rural. Every decision will decide by the rural without people participate. Usually, the rural will administer for a long times. As example, in Libya the president Muammar Khadafy is the person who was becomes as a head for Libya. He was made election and the result of election not at his side. Because Libya use autocracy system. Even though the result not in his side, he still becomes as a President until he die. It is because he has total power to decide everything that he wants. 3. Power of Leader.
In autocracy country. The rural has 100% power in their hand. The power of Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary under the rural. The rural can decide about everything without people interfere. Even though there has a constitution but it’s not supremacy such as at democracy country. Rural has power to enact amend and repeal law. What he says about the rule will be transformed as a legal law for the county. The rural can decide any policy that he wants and every decision will under him. In this cases, even their has court and judge but the decision of judge will get influence by the ruler. As example, in the case of Abu Hassan vs. Khitman. The case about Khitman does not pay to Abu Hassan for the broke machine product Khitman supplied. In this case, Khitman was won. It’s because Khitman Company’s linked to government of Libya.

4. Freedom of media and press.
The autocracy country has media and press. The media and press worked as other country media and press. Their function stills same. Give information to the people and give entertainment. But in the autocracy, media and press controlled under government. The must establish and show about a good thing about government. It must update about the government news such as about, policies of government really good, how good government construct economics for the country and many more. The media and press cannot publish any news that for government has a bad element for government side. Media and press should always show about the government activities. It’s to make sure the media and press can stand for a long time in the scope. As example, In Brunei Darussalam, there have a radio station and television channel control under government such as, RTB 1, RTB 2, Nur Islam fm and Harmoni fm. The newspaper Brunei Press Sdn. Bhd also under government and this media press get can stand in the market because in the government side.

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