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Governing the Nation

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Governing the Nation
Sum Dang
May 13, 2013
Kimberlee Neitz

Governing the Nation

Edward Randolph was an exceedingly well educated man from Williamsburg, Virginia who characterized wisdom, dignity, and bravery. This paper will be giving you the opportunity to dig vastly into Edward Randolph character. This paper will also determine that Edward Randolph stood intensely for what he have faith in and he was not afraid to voice his opinion or embody what he felt was rational. In this essay, Governing the Nation I will deliver my perception on Edward Randolph philosophical ideals embodied by the Declaration of Independence, the comparisons and variances of both concepts in the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution and how each of the ideas respectively affected Edward’s assigned role. I will choose one major disagreement for the ratification of the Constitution that Edward Randolph supported and will choose one major disagreement in contrast to the ratification that Edward Randolph would support. Furthermore, based on these two arguments my character, Edward Randolph, you will be able to tell if he supported the ratification of the Constitution. Edward Randolph was born on hot summer day in August 21, 1753 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Randolph was a Virginia planter and slave holder. He attended the College of William and Mary and just like his father, he wanted to pursue a career in law. Edward Randolph was a representative of the Virginia convention. In 1779, Edward Randolph inaugurated his term as Attorney General of Virginia. Edward served as the Governor of Virginia from 1786 to 1788. Edward Randolph later represented the Annapolis Convention and the Constitutional Convention. Equality was one of Edward Randolph’s concerns. He was injurious to a central authority, for that reason the Declaration of Independence was and essential document...

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