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Government Acquisitions

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Written Assignment 1
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BUS 501 Government Acquisitions
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1. What actions would take in the planning process? Explain how you would go about developing the statement of need? Give examples of the information required and factors to be considered. Acquisition planning is a comprehensive plan coordinating the efforts of all parties responsible for the program in fulfilling the agency’s need in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost. Since a program typically involves the efforts of many people and usually results in one or more contractual actions, an acquisition plan will guide the work of many people through one or more contractual actions. The plan shall address all the technical, business, management, and other significant considerations that will control the program throughout the investment life cycle. The plan shall be brief but comprehensive (Engel beck, 2002). I would ensure that all other considerations that influence the acquisition decision, such as which items are to be developed or produced in-house and which procured from outside the immediate organization. I would ensure the process demanded teamwork and that all responsible elements involved developed, coordinated, and integrated their prescribed body of knowledge into a comprehensive acquisition plan (i.e. Logistics, engineering, production, etc…).
In order to develop the statement of need, mission needs result from the need to develop a capability, to improve an existing capability, or to exploit an opportunity to reduce cost. In addition to a brief summary of the statement of need, a technical and contractual history of the acquisition includes other topics, such as feasible alternatives, the impact of prior acquisition on those alternatives, and any other related in-house effort. Justification for general requirements is strengthened if it is related to a...

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