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Government Communication Strategy

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1. Introduction
Strategy can be defined as the art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use. The term is derived from the Greek word for general ship or leading an army. It can also be defined as a method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem. <> this assignment aims to clearly address key strategic issues from any government department strategy and from that I will develop a communication strategy and plan that will address those key issues. Theory models will be used as a framework. The government institution chosen is the Gauteng provincial government.
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The commitment to deliver a “better life for all” must be practically demonstrated, not merely asserted. Government must acknowledge that actions speak louder than words.

9. Departmental key priorities

10. Target audience
The following have been identified as target audiences of government messages:
• Government departments and government employees.
The most important target market for government is internal. All employees of government are target markets as the communicate government messages to the public. They are there to articulate government’s policies and programmes. This audience should be empowered to become champions of government messages.

• Gauteng citizens in general. The entire population of South Africa is the direct target market for government. However for effective targeting, the target audience needs to be properly segmented. In order for government to communicate messages effectively they need to tailor-make communication relevant to the different LSM ‘S (living standard measure). Direct or unmediated communication with all target groups is important.

 LSM 1-3:
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These people need to be communicated with through radio, television, community meetings by ward leaders, rallies and loud hailers.

 LSM 4-6:
This group represents those who have moved from LSM 1-3 and whose lives are noticeably getting better. Improved standard of living means greater access to more diverse media .e.g. newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Potential entrepreneurs are in this group, with a better education level and access to resources that LSM 1-3 do not have. They are also the group that would have benefited greatly from government’s policies and programmes, making them amenable to partnering with government e.g. involvement in school governing bodies, Community Police Forums etc.

 LSM 7-10:
The group of South Africans with the highest living standard is increasing and has extensive access to different media. This group is usually highly influential and many are quite critical towards government. They are most likely to have access to all forms of media including the internet. Direct communication with this group is recommended using new media channels. E.g. Social

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