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Government Phase One

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State and Federal Government as Defined by the Constitution
Kyle Spann

When the Constitution of The United States of America was written, it outlined the powers and limitations of both the state and federal governments. Over time, many things have changed from the original blueprint, but the main ideas remain the same. I will explain the different powers and limitations of the two sides of government as well as where these overlap and how those situations are handled. The list of powers for either the state or federal government can be pretty lengthy if gone into full detail so I will try to group as many as possible to save space. The powers that are exclusive to the federal government include the power to create and manage currency, establish an army and navy as well as declaring war, enter into treaties with foreign governments, regulate both cross-state and international trade, operate a postal service, and to create laws needed to enforce the Constitution. On the states side of the list we have the power to establish local governments, issue a wide range of licenses, regulate trade within the state, conduct elections and ratify amendments to the U.S. Constitution, provide public health and safety, as well as any other power that is neither given to the federal government or prohibited from the states by the U.S. Constitution. There is a third group of powers which are the powers that are shared between the state and federal government meaning that each government can take action although the federal government trumps the state. These powers are to set up courts, create and collect taxes, building highways, borrowing money, making and enforcing laws, giving charters to banks and corporations, and spending money to better the general welfare as well as condemning private property with compensation. The limits of the national government are…...

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