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Government Regulation of Marriages

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Can the Government regulate who can and cannot marry?

Can the government regulate who can and cannot marry ?

Tony E. Moore Sr.

Government 2302

April 24, 2012

The question is “Should the Government regulate who can and cannot marry?” the belief is we are discussing gay marriage or domestic partnerships. This is an important topic because it is one that will more than likely be debated for many years to come and is probably going to be a heavy topic in the upcoming presidential election.

Devoid of any connotations of hate, homophobia, or other such negative motivations. I believe that there are, in fact, legitimate, substantive reasons as to why gay marriage should not be legalized.

Many arguments point at the realization that the children raised in a same sex household will be surrounded by hate due to the fact that the parents will experience homophobia. The children will experience homophobia as well because it will trickle down to them in many social settings such as school. (Connor) Another argument is that same sex couples cannot bring children into the world by themselves. The bible teaches procreation, between Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve (KJV) in a homosexual relationship this is not possible therefore the couple must go outside of their marriage in order to procreate which leads to yet another problem monogamy. (Human rights)There is also the belief that children are not born gay. Homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle. Children raised in families headed by gay or lesbian parents will be immersed in the gay lifestyle and be more likely to choose to become homosexuals themselves when they grow up. (vople)

Proponents for Same sex unions are very widely publicized and wre quick to state their facts and...

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