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Law Day Essay
“No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom”

How Do Courts Protect Our Liberties?

--- For hundreds of years the forefathers of the United States of America had been undertaking the task of creating and constantly amending a constitution that all men shall abide by. Alexander Hamilton, along with other contributors of the constitution, created essays which are better known as the federalist papers. These documents were created as a form of mutual interpretation and moral assurance between the government and its citizens with one major objective, to gain and retain the trust of its citizens. --- It is said within that no state "shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. A civil liberty is defined as an individual right protected by the Constitution against the powers that be of the government. When our forefathers assimilated to draft the Constitution they anticipated certain belligerencies that might occur between the Federal Government and the individual citizen. It was cause for these concerns that enabled them to include certain civil liberties in the Constitution endowing its citizens with certain inalienable rights. Though civil liberties were put in effect over 200 years ago, over time they have been challenged up until the present day. It wasn’t until the 14th amendment that civil liberties were finally incorporated into state governments. The primary source of civil liberties is found within the first ten amendments to the constitution also known as the Bill of Rights. The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect the individual citizen from certain actions of the US Government. Amendments I-VIII correlates with civil liberties such as freedom of speech, and the right to a fair trial. Freedom of Speech is not absolute though. There are…...

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