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Impact of IT On Our Government Information technology has a huge impact not only on our lives but our government as well. It has revolutionized the way our legal system runs and has impacted the way fellow Americans vote in elections. With new technology advances happening daily, our government and the people of this great nation must learn adapt to it and incorporate it into our lives. Barrack Obama once said, “Change will not come if you don’t strive for it. Technology and our government’s legal system must adapt together or no change will ever come” (Brainyquote). When it comes to Information Technology and governments adapting to the advances made in the technology industry, governments usually lag behind and are forced to catch up. And even if they do not want to be involved, they have to because current trends and business practices demand that they conform. In my personal opinion, this leaves governments vulnerable in many ways. With that said, I believe that information technology has had a negative impact on our government and our legal system. The first issue, is that governments are not leaders in technology. They react to the environment around them rather than trying to find new ways of efficiency. This leads to more inefficiency as new systems are confused with old and chaotic situations occur. The second issue, is that governments hold confidential information. As all information becomes digital and available to anyone who wants to see it, security breaches are inevitable. They are bound to happen. It is impossible for all I formation to be 100 percent secure. Recently with the last few years, many corporations have had scandals regarding customer information being leaked or hacked. In my opinion, governments are more susceptible to being hacked because they rarely attract and hire the best IT people in the field as...

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