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Govt200 Worldview Analysis Essay

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Worldview Analysis Essay

The institution of family and marriage was at one point one of the strongest institutions between two people that existed in the world. However, due to process philosophy, we can now see that same institution is being attacked and transformed into something that God objects to. As Christians, the Bible is our way to better understand and worship God. If we explore the ESV version in Genesis 2, we see God made man and woman and said that they “shall become one flesh”. Karl Marx however, offered up a different approach. Marx was an Atheist and therefore did not believe in God or the word of God (Martin, 2006). Marx’s atheistic teachings created a succession of process philosophers that eventually brought us to our current situation. By not believing in or following God’s word or established institutions, in this case the family and marriage, humans begin to go against God and away from God. In today’s world, the news headlines are filled with results of process philosophy; homosexual “marriages” being legalized, divorce rates are sky high, domestic violence rates up above normal, etcetera.
The biggest of the issues in my opinion that involves process philosophy is the national legalization of homosexual “marriages”. The phrase most frequently used is “gay marriage”. This wording however does not align within a biblical worldview because marriage is between a man and woman. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22). By adhering to our biblical worldview, we would and should follow God’s holy word. Marx “adopted the idea of materialism” since he “dispensed with the idea of God” (Martin, 2006, p. 156). Being a materialist, Marx also shared the idea of “dialectical materialism”, which contains three presuppositions. One of those is the idea that “progress is inherent in change” (Martin, 2006, p....

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