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Stage 2 Developing

Table of Contents

Stage 2 DevelopingTable of Contents 0
Table of Contents 1 1.1 Key factors in case study 2 1.2 Likely financial needs of the clients 7 1.2.1 Savings 8 1.2.2 Insurance 8 1.2.3 Investment 8 1.3 Suggestions how the needs can be resolved 9 1.4 Likely providers 9 1.5 Relevant products and services 11 1.5.1 Savings 11 1.5.2 Insurance 14 1.5.3 Investment 15 1.6 Reviewing the customer service provision 17 1.6.1 Citibank 17 1.6.2 AXA 19 1.6.3 Lloyds TSB Bank 19 1.6.4 NS&I 20 1.6.5 HSBC 22 1.7 Reviewing the extent to which funds are protected or at risk 22 1.7.1 Savings 23 1.7.2 Investments 23 1.7.3 Insurance 23 1.7.4 Pension 23 1.8 Identifying the criteria on which to base the decisions 24 1.9 Justification for selection 25 1.9.1 Benefit-needs analysis 25 1.9.2 Comparison with other providers, products and service 26 1.9.3 Tax implications 27 1.9.4 Risk implications 29 1.9.5 Analysis of the customer service commitments 30 1.9.6 Compensation analysis 30 1.10 Conclusion 31
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1 Key factors in case study

In the case, I will give you a brief introduction about key factors in this case. My clients are Duncan Kenndy and Elaine, a retired couple.

Duncan Kennedy is a 64 years old man. And he is a retire government official. He already receives his government pension of 18,000 per year and next year he will get his state pension will give him an additional 5,500 per year. And his wife Elaine currently earns 35,000 will retire soon as part of a redundancy exercise at her firm and will start to receive her employer’s pension of 19,000. Their main income is from government pension and state pension. I...

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