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How to improve my grades

I can improve my grades by studying longer and trying harder. To improve my grades I can try harder and make sure I do all my homework and have all my work turned in.
If I study there is better chance of me passing my classes and me making good grades. When I find out I have a quiz or test I will start studying the day of instead of just making flash cards or waiting till the last day to study. From now on I will study 45 minutes a day or longer also when I have a test or quiz i will bring the book home twice a week and read from the section twice a week. Studying is important in life and from now I will try my absolute hardest on everything I do.
To improve my grades I will do whatever I can to get my grades up. I will get any work that I am missing I will go to tutoring in the morning if needed and I will ask additional questions if needed. If I any failing grades I will ask my teachers for make up work to take a late grade. I will make sure there is no more late grades unless I was absent or unable to get the work.
If I do not get my grades up I will face the consequences as in punishment until I get the grades up until you tell me otherwise. I will try to keep them up so that I don’t get limited my choices. If I do not improve my grade by Christmas then I am only allegeable to get the following panties, bra, socks, and hair accessories. I honestly think I will have my grades up by then but if I don’t that is my limited choice on presents. This is how I am going to improve my school grades.

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