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There are some major difference between undergraduate and graduate courses. The graduate school is more intense and rigorous academically than undergraduate studies, but at the same time graduate school represents a rewarding experience. As graduate students, we are expected to demonstrate high quality results, better skills, self-motivation, professionalism, independent thinking, research and how to manage our time.
I remember the main focus of undergraduate program was general knowledge and introduction of new information. While I was in nursing school, I didn’t work. I was a full time student and I had the opportunity to live with my wonderful parents who always offered me financial and emotional support. As a graduate student, I will apply to this course the knowledge that I acquired from the undergraduate school and also the experience that I have of being working in different hospitals. I will be more dedicated, responsible, self-motivated and with better time management skills.
I consider a graduate learning community differ from an undergraduate learning community in diverse aspects such as age, experience, motivation and professionalism. Most of the students in graduate school have a much wider age range. Some of them may already have many years of work experience in the field that they are studying or are likely to have spouses, children and other family’s responsibilities.
I would describe a graduate learning community as a group of students or even faculty instructors who share the same interest, professionalism and academic experience creating a strong relationship. In my opinion, the key components of a learning community are effective communication skills, motivation and persistence.

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