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Graduate Employability

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* Name – Simon Wolde-Michael * Student number – 33295570 * Course – Marketing & Advertising Management * Module – Employability for Marketing * Module Leader – Ruth Gosnay * Word count – Part A: 719 Part B: 781 * Date of submission – 12th March 2012

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Graduate Employability In this assignment I am going to expand on the survey conducted by the Institute of Directors’ in 2007, which says: ‘90% of members believe the education system should do more to prepare students for the world of work.’ I chose to research this because I believe it is a high figure and really questions how much educational institutions enhance the employability of their students.
Up until the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, most graduates that progressed from university found satisfactory employment within a short amount of time and were able to earn a sufficiently high income. At that time the preparation for employment often implied the knowledge and technical skills required for the occupation. The introduction of The Further and Higher Education Act in 1992 made changes to the funding of most higher education institutions which resulted in 35 polytechnics gaining university status. E.g. Leeds Met, Manchester Met. It was around the same time that the UK Government proposed universities should develop the core/transferable/generic skills needed for high-level employment – also known as Employability skills. Therefore higher education institutions responded to this by modifying their existing course content and developing graduate employability programmes. However, it was claimed that these programmes have had too little support from academic staff. Mason, D, Graduate Employability (2008).
As a result, The...

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