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Returning to graduate school was one of my major decisions in my personal and professional lives. As of right now, I am planning on analyzing my short/ long term goals to mark my milestones. I am also looking into several ways on how I can improve my communication skills, which will benefit me after graduation. By looking into benefits of my graduate degree I realized that I will overcome all of my time restraints and other challenges without any problems that usually come with Graduate Studies.
To be successful in graduate studies, I set a one short-term goal to keep myself motivated for my final long-term goal of becoming an Air Force Officer. My short term goal is to continue putting all of my focus and energy at each of my classes. Doing so will help me to learn the most from each class, and eventually will allow me to achieve the highest grades possible. As far as my long-term goals goes, I am planning to graduate with my Master’s degree by January 2015 and enter/apply into Air Force Officer Program by March 2015. I strongly believe that taking one step at the time will ensure my success.
As every other program Master’s degree will come with some challenges that will need my attention. Some of those challenges will include cost of continuing education, financial aid availability, and time management (Peterson's company, 2013). After looking into my time schedule and work, I should be “OK” managing everything at once. All of those challenges are minor but still require my attention. By using Air Force post 911 GI bill, I will be able to complete my degree with a minimum out-of-pocket expenses. I just need to stay on top of submitting all of the required paperwork to the Veteran’s Affairs office.
All of us at one point of time have challenges throughout our lives but how we deal with them plays a huge role in our success. I am planning to take one day at...

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