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Grade Grade Points (G.P.) 2 Credit 3 Credit 4 Credit
Earned Per course Course Course Course
A 4.0 8.0 12.0 16.0

A- 3.7 7.4 11.1 14.8

B+ 3.3 6.6 9.9 13.2

B 3.0 6.0 9.0 12.0

B- 2.7 5.4 8.1 10.8

C+ 2.3 4.6 6.9 9.2

C 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0

C- 1.7 3.4 5.1 6.8

D+ 1.3 2.6 3.9 5.2

D 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0

F 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 ______________________________________________________ _________________________

Steps to Calculate your Grade Point Average per Semester:

1) Add up your grade points (G.P.) earned. _______________

2) Add up the total number of credits you registered for (including credits for courses you failed). This number is often referred to as your Credits Attempted (C.A.) _______________

3) Divide #1 (G.P.) by #2 (C.A.). This is your semester G.P.A. _______________

Example: Grades A GP: 12.0 CA: 3 Earned: B 9.0 3 C 6.0 3 D 3.0 3 F 0.0 3 30 Total: 30.0 15 = 2.0

Please be aware that your overall average must be a minimum of 2.0 (C) to be in good academic standing. If you have any questions, please see an advisor.

Center for Advisement and Orientation


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...Jewel James English 12 January 12, 2016 Final Project Graduation has been a teenagers’ dream to achieve throughout their academic life in School. However, many obstacles tend to prevent these teenagers from graduating. Why? Well This is because of the unequal fairness that teachers provide to the students. Therefore, I think That graduation from high schools should depend on students’ marks based on standardized Exams. I would explain the reasons through the analysis of students’ life of bias treatment from Teachers, and the different standards of teachers based on their degree of knowledge. We can all acknowledge that all teachers are humans; all humans contain feelings inside them whether it is positive or negative. But yet, these feelings tend to disrupt the equality of the teachers. Knowing this, we could see that teachers can be bias at times depending on the circumstances. Sexism and racism are usually the main issue between teachers and students. Some teachers tend to like their own sex or their opposite sex based on their own belief and needs. They may think that their own sex is a lot better than the other or that the opposite sex is a lot more attracting than your own sex. These factors affect a teacher’s ability to distinguish between their own feelings or to judge the ability of a student rather than their sex. Racism is also another main issue between teachers and students. Some teacher may tend to have a strong belief in a type of......

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...Kindergarten Graduation Program Song – “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” I don’t wanna grow up I’m a Primrose kid I’ve learned so many things at school that I can grow with Like reading books and making friends At the best school that there is And if you ask me when I’m grown I’ll say… I’ll always be a Primrose kid – Oh Yeah! (repeat whole song once) Awards Katie Award (sharing and caring) Ally Award (imagination) Libby Award (listening) Arturo Award (Spanish) Spanish Song and Translation – “Te amo Kindergarten” Awards Megy Award (computers) Erwin Award (art) Peanut Award (writing and spelling) Billy Award (music) Music Notation Song (tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb) – front row hold music notes, back row tap sticks Billy has 4 quarter notes, quarter notes, quarter notes Billy has 4 quarter notes, their beat goes just like this – 1,2 1,2 Billy has 8 eighth notes, eighth notes, eighth notes Billy has 8 eighth notes, their beat goes just like this – 1and 2and 1and 2and Billy has 2 half notes, half notes, half notes Billy has 2 half notes, their beat goes just like this 1….2 1……2 Awards Og Award (reading) Benjamin Award (science) Molly Award (math) Percy Award (leadership) Poem – K is for Kindergarten (back row will hold up letters) K is for Kindergarten – hip, hip, hooray I is for imagination we use everday N is for numbers – we know one, two, three D is for drawing the best you can see E is for exercise......

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